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No user limits
Maximise collaboration

Flexible expert support - whether simple guidance or complex hands on support, we're available when you need us.



"It's ok, we have this under control"
System Implementation & Onboarding



"It's good to have help if we need it"
Everything listed above, plus
Expert support for system administrators & super-users (2nd line support)



“We could use an extra set of hands who know what they're doing”
Everything listed above, plus
Your choice of High Value Services including those listed below

High value services

Applied data science and technology expertise to remove barriers and unlock value.

Platform Support

1st Line System Administration & Support

On call direct support for your users and organisation globally.
Consulting Services

Information Management Advisory

Set up, update or improve your approach to information management. Our team understand your needs and can develop an approach that best fits.
Consulting Services

Digital Transformation Guidance

Evolve your organisation to become digital ready. Remove noise and define a strategy with expert guidance.
Data Services

Document Management Support

Flexible document control resources on call to support your team.
Data Services

Collect & Extract

Expert analysis that gives you insight and control of you technical information from any system. Check quality, identify missing information and errors and benchmark to relevant industry norms.
Data Services

Data cleansing & improvement

Improve your data and its structure. Add missing information, correct errors in your data and even update the structure from one standard to another.
Data Services

Data structuring, standards and management

Simplify creating, updating and adjusting data structures and requirements by using subject matter experts.  Assistance with reference data libraries and other data structures, including aligning with international standards, hybrid or custom approaches.
Data Services

Source data processing & cataloguing

Verification, handling and processing source data, material master data, tag indexes, SPIR forms, drawings and documents and product catalogues, up to 70% faster than traditional methods.
Data Services

Data Migration

Checking, validating, restructuring and improving information held in ERP systems and technical databases, as part of a migration from one system to another.
Data Services

Spares commonality studies

Optimise spares expenditure - review and identify commonality of spare parts across equipment and assets, evaluate and recommend optimal quantity required.
Consulting Services

Supplier Engagement

Streamline procurement and information processes through hands on engagement, co-ordination and support with suppliers.
Consulting Services

General Consulting

Our subject matter experts are available to give guidance in the way you need.

Hit the ground running

A range of input and content to help you get going.

Standard Reference Data Libraries (data models & structures)
A range of standard reference data libraries ready to use, aligned with standards such as CFIHOS.
Best Practice Workflows
A range of best practice workflows aligned with the Sharecat platform to fit different needs.
Sharecat Datalake - Equipment & Parts data
Over 850 000 equipment and parts items available for use.

‘All stakeholders use Sharecat as the central information hub – Owner, EPC Contractor, Technology Licensors and Suppliers.‘

Mark Lewis
Information, Data & Systems Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical

‘Digitalization technologies, such as the Sharecat platform, have enabled significant changes in the oil and gas industry.‘

Dodi Jatikusuma
Data Manager & Project Information Team Lead, Tangguh LNG, BP

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