December 18, 2023

Continuing to support the energy transition - New agreement with BP & KBR

Sharecat is pleased to announce another milestone contract in the use of our cloud-based Information Management & Exchange Platform.

KBR, through their Integrated Project Management Team (IPMT), has selected the Sharecat platform’s well proven capabilities for the delivery of BP’s global hydrogen programme.

The Sharecat software as a service platform will enable digital collaboration between suppliers, contractors and the owner operator through the feasibility, construction, commissioning and start up phases of each project under the programme.

Commenting on the award Tom Haylock, CCO of Sharecat, stated “Sharecat is a long-standing partner of KBR and BP, and we are delighted to provide our SaaS platform for this exciting global hydrogen programme. We look forward to further proving the significant value we add to global heavy and complex industries in handling information linked to their facilities across the lifecycle”.

About Sharecat

Our approach enables organisations to focus on their individual business needs while participating in a multi-industry digital ecosystem. Creating and magnifying the value for every participating company across supply chains and sectors, changing the game for complex and heavy industries. Importantly, succeeding where narrow approaches using traditional software have been proven, again and again, not to deliver a solution.

The Sharecat Way is realised by our ground-breaking Software as aService (SaaS) platform.  It is the impartial and independent digital catalyst for more sustainable and effective information management, improved supply chain engagement and de-bottle necked work practices which also benefits other traditional software.

Established in 1993 we have been a pioneer in digitalisation for heavy and complex industries worldwide (energy, chemical, process, shipping, renewables…….and more).

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