The complete productivity platform for technical information

A world-class platform

Cloud Based system with global access (SaaS)

No limits on data or users. No need for additional software or plugins. 24/7 global work share ready.

Information Exchange Platform

Pioneering technology to collaborate on and share information with your partners, customers, suppliers and even the wider industry without hassle, no matter what type of company you are. Join the world's largest information exchange platform for asset intensive industries.

(BIM) Central Data Environment

A true BIM central data environment. Control, share and integrate your information and requirements in the way you want.

Common working area

A system not only for the information, but for the work processes and tasks linked to it.

Intelligent automation

Remove high cost low value work, as well as reducing human error via flexible and configurable intelligent automation.

Designed for all information sources

Designed for every data type

Documents & files

Whether specifications, drawings or datasheets, 3D models or detailed anaylsis files, we handle every format and file type.

Tag numbers / location ID

Create, manage, check and verify all tag numbers / functional location IDs as unique digital objects in accordance with any numbering system and standard, including intelligence and hierarchies. Act as the master tag system, or as a back end system populated by other systems, with automatic generation of requirements linked to tag type.

Tag data

Tag data by its nature is object centric, it can be submitted as a traditional discipline index or register (e.g. a valve list) and automatically converted into digital ready data points. Handle all information linked to each tagged item on an asset as individual structured digital ready attributes. Define, collect and validate the unique information needed for each item, both design requirements (functional attributes) and equipment specific information (physical attributes).

Product information

On average, 60% of all equipment information is product generic information. This means it is standard information applicable to every instance of the same product model. It is possible to reuse across all assets & projects and possible to share - so long as you have a system that understands the difference between product generic and equipment specific information and can tell you what you already have, to prevent the need for asking for it again.

Equipment item information

Every piece of equipment has an information twin made up of custom unique specific information (restricted, linked to the specific equipment item/serial number, and not possible to share), together with product information (unrestricted standard information linked to the model of the specific equipment item, that can be reused and shared).

This information comes in all forms and handling the individual equipment item as a data ready object is the key to efficiently working with an equipment item's information twin across its entire life.

Data & Requirements management

They're not the information itself, but a deliverable just as critical to handle, define and manage.  Specifying the information needed, in what format, when and linked to specific objects, can be as simple as a document list, or as complex as a comprehensive reference data library.  It can be based on in house practices, or international standards such as CFIHOS, RDS-PP, eClass and more, or even a hybrid of the two.

Functions & tools that put you in control

Collect & Extract

Simple upload interface for all users, with automated quality control, content extraction and relationship recognition to other data.

Create & Edit

For native files of all formats, integrate with preferred systems to flexibly create and edit content.

Structure & Organise

Implement, maintain, modify and control your information structure and associated processes. Align with company practices, specific requirements and international standards.

Search & Identify

Find the information in the way you want, including searching contents of files, with a range of powerful search tools.

Validate & Verify

Configurable and adjustable intelligent automated checks of all types of information. Enforce requirements, highlight problems, fix errors and prevent duplicates to avoid wasted time.

View & Review

Efficiently review and develop information, requirements and data.

Manage & Interact

Manage content, numbering, requirements, distributions, tasks, reviews, processes, interactions and workflows.

Track & Expedite

User specific "to-do" lists and automated expediting linked to dates, ensures processes stay on track.

Report & Analyse

Embedded live reporting and analytics tools, with access to underlying data. Reliable instant insight into status, quality and progress of your work processes and information.

Deliver & Integrate

Structured export of content and data to take the pain out of handover.

Secure & Control

Secure your information, control user access and integrate or segregate as needed, with a complete audit trail.

New features

Our platform is always evolving. Working together with our customers and partners to create high value functions and features.

‘Sharecat epitomises the right balance of people, process and technology - great people with a vast amount of industry knowledge and experience, together with a technology platform that is proven and delivers.‘

Mark Lewis
Information, Data & Systems Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical

‘Finding strong information management tools is not easy, but, from the moment I first came across Sharecat it frankly blew my mind.‘

Dodi Jatikusuma
Data Manager & Project Information Team Lead, Tangguh LNG, BP

Next level integrations

ERP systems are powerful and important tools, but they are only as good as the information loaded into them.

We integrate with ERP systems of all forms to prevent and identify duplicates, correct errors in existing data, and transfer new validated data without loss of fidelity.

No matter which brand you prefer, we work with them all.

Whether front end or back end system, master or child, we can quickly define with you how best we can add value to your engineering suite. Stop bad information from ruining your design.

Integrate with any digital twin system for fast and low cost implementation.

Use the value of your verified high quality information twin in Sharecat and avoid the typical digital twin challenges.

Sharecat Information twins, no matter their size, are the digital foundation for other systems to build on.

We have REST APIs and expert guidance for integrating valuable verified information into any system.

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