The catalyst for your digital evolution.

One Platform for all asset information

Big or small, old or new - by their nature chemical plants require complex systems and processes resulting in complex asset data and associated challenges.

Upstream, downstream or midstream, offshore and onshore - we have been helping our customers evolve and outperform in oil and gas globally for over 20 years.

Wind, hydropower, green hydrogen and ammonia. Although relatively young, they all deal with the same challenges that we have been addressing since 1993.

Benefits at every stage of the lifecycle

No matter where your assets are in their lifecycle -structure, validate and build a digital foundation you can access and use in the way you need.

Utilised across your whole organisation

A scalable system that gives control and defines a common approach at a corporate level. With the flexibility for each asset/delivery to be unique, and the benefit of smart reuse and sharing of high quality information across your entire company.

‘When comparing the value provided to the cost spent the Sharecat platform definitely has been a very good investment for us.‘

Dodi Jatikusuma
Data Manager & Project Information Team Lead, Tangguh LNG, BP

‘It has been one of the smoothest and most enjoyable digital transformations I’ve been involved with.‘

Mark Lewis
Information, Data & Systems Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical

For a range of use cases

We handle a range of common information challenges

I need control

Internal & External information

Just as information types are different so are the sources and the needs for handling it. Efficient tools to collect, unify and extract all information from all sources.
I don't have overview & insight

Processes and information 

Structured information with powerful search and integrated reporting and analytics to know - What are my requirements? What do I have? Is it correct? Do I have it on time? & Are we performing?
How can I simply deliver verified data?

Handover to other parties and other systems

Build structured validated information that's simple to extract and transfer. Whether feeding other systems to unleash their potential, or handing over to someone else.
I need to minimise high cost, low value work 

Be more competitive

Focus on the real work, let technology handle the heavy lifting. Intelligent automation to reduce work, enforce processes, check quality and remove human error.
How can I get my teams working together more effectively?

Smart collaboration 24/7 - the right information at the right time

Get teams working together. Big or small, across companies and across the globe. Remove restrictions, notify anyone who needs to know and ensure they deliver on time. With our powerful workflow engine, intuitive interface and full audit trail.
I need to be able to trust my information

Remove errors & reduce risk

A central data environment built for creating high quality information. Automated processes and verification with intelligent commenting tools for streamlined reviews. See status and track the history to fix and prevent potential errors and their source.
I need to become "digital"

...but want to avoid the usual pain

Evolution, not revolution. A flexible and configurable platform that fits how you work work now and lets you evolve into a digital organisation.
I need to fix my ERP material master data

I need to fix my ERP material master data

Automatically check for duplicates, highlight lacking data and clean existing with structured product information in the way you need it.
I need an easier way to define requirements 

and ensure they are met

Simplify, what do I need? When do I need it? And who needs it? Define, generate and link requirements to project phase, contracts and purchase orders, equipment type, tag numbers, suppliers and more.
How can I reduce the volume of information needed?

Reuse what you have already

On average 60% of equipment information is standard, generic, reusable, and possible to share. Our platform tells you when you have information already to save time, and lets you add to and access a common source of product information together with others.
I need a single system fordocuments, tags and equipment data

to work across information types

Look no further! Remove the restrictions of a traditional document management system with a true asset information platform. Work with documents like a document management system and much more.
How can I track equipment information across its life

To use, manage and modify

Differentiate and handle information linked to different objects so you can find, track, maintain and use data across the equipment life cycle.

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