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July 14, 2022

Sharecat platform supports ConocoPhilips $2.6 Billion Jasmine Field

The Jasmine field is a gas condensate field located in the UK North Sea, developed via a fixed platform tied back to the existing nearby Judy platform.
The Sharecat platform was used to handle supplier information for the full duration of project execution phase including commissioning, close-out and handover to the ConocoPhilips operations group (data hand over to Hexagon SmartPlant Operations). The total project cost was ~$2.6 Billion USD, and the execution phase lasted from 2010 to 2013. “Without the Sharecat platform and its numerous automated processes, the Jasmine Project would have been far less efficient in processing and managing the volume of information and was a key contributor to the success of information management on the project”. – Worley project team.

Volume of Information

Number of Suppliers - 198

Number of Purchase orders - 297

Number of Unique Supplier Documents - 26,900

Number of Supplier Document Revisions - 86,740

Number of Hard Tags - 51,000

Number of SPIR forms processed - 299

Number of Users

Number of Project team Users - 1567 - across 10 global sites

Number of Supplier Users - 242

Successes & benefits identified*

(*as stated by the project team).

  • Collaborative web-based environment enabled global project workshare across engineering contractor and owner/operator teams and locations.
  • SaaS deployment required no installed enterprise software or support required for each user.
  • Centralised management of local, regional and global Supplier Information scope allowed dynamic project reporting and assisted all project parties to determine current ‘real time’ status
  • Significant reduction in document control effort and cost through automation of high-cost activities.
  • Number of DCC personnel for was reduced by 40% compared to using other systems.
  • No overtime hours were required for document management in Sharecat due to automation of processes leading to efficiency gains
  • Supplier documentation automatically processed and instantly distributed/issued in ‘real time’ to all project participants both local and global.
  • No need for time consuming transmittal in/out processes thanks to the Sharecat platform’s functions.
  • Suppliers readily adopted use of Sharecat finding the receipt and issue of documents simple, efficient and cost effective.
  • Real time visibility of supplier information status in a globally shared environment greatly improved project collaboration enabling Worley and ConocoPhilips project and procurement personnel to manage Supplier deliveries proactively.
  • Information held in a common accessible environment supported construction and commissioning activities.

Further Detail

The aim for information management on the Jasmine project was to “Deliver the highest quality, complete, digital asset information to meet the requirements of ConocoPhillips”.

Prior to the start of the Jasmine project, Worley identified that the management of the project’s supplier information was to form a major part of the information management scope due to the large volumes of supplier information to be gathered. In addition, ConocoPhilips adopted a digital approach to managing asset information from across the project information lifecycle from creation to operational handover.  As part of this approach a core element for successful asset management is the delivery of high quality and complete equipment information for use by the operations group.

To meet these objectives the Sharecat platform was applied as a collaborative, centralised solution specifically for supply chain information.  This enabled efficient storage and interaction with supplier documents and data, integrated as part of the project procedures and processes thanks to the integrated platform tools and functions. The adoption and use of the Sharecat platform directly supported and ensured the project’s ability to deliver the high quality and complete equipment information required.

A proactive approach to supplier information management by Worley, combined with the use of a world class digital platform provided by Sharecat achieved an unprecedented success in the collection and delivery of correct, compliant and complete supplier information for the Jasmine Project. Furthermore, the use of the Sharecat platform resulted in a significant saving for the project team through increased efficiency, estimated to be in the vicinity of £1.32 million.

Active collaboration and the development of a close working relationship between the Sharecat and Worley teams resulted in a remarkably high level of complete and correct supplier information being delivered to the project prior to completion of offshore commissioning of the Jasmine platform and well in advance of first oil. The degree of completeness of high-quality information demonstrated on the Jasmine Project is a significant achievement.

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