The catalyst for your digital evolution


Big or small, old or new, asset intensive industries by their nature require complex plants with complex systems. This inevitably results in a web of technical data and associated challenges of how to work with it.

Sharecat has been helping our customers in each industry evolve and outperform globally since 1993.

At every stage of the lifecycle

No matter where your assets are in their lifecycle - structure, validate and build a digital foundation you can access and use in the way you need.

Across the organisation

A scalable system that gives control and defines a common approach at a corporate level.

With the flexibility for each asset/delivery to be unique, and the benefit of smart reuse and sharing of high quality information across your entire company.

For a range of use cases

Use, interact and work with your asset information in the way your teams need.

Even as their focus and needs change across the asset's life.

We handle a range of common
information challenges

We know the issues and have the secret ingredients to defeat them. Make information and data a valuable asset and not a monster to wrestle.

A platform for intelligent collaboration

Owner-operators in asset-intensive industries have specific information requirements linked to their engineering and procurement processes which often vary from asset to asset.

Whether in design, construction or operation, EPC contractors and suppliers must provide their information in accordance with these specific needs.

But there are many owner-operators, across industries, making the same demands in parallel to largely the same pool of EPC contractors and suppliers.

Each are different in their requirements and processes for the same types and sources of information, inevitably leading to a chaotic and inefficient web of information.

Sharecat uses technology to make collaboration with partners, contractors, customers and suppliers possible, taking account of individual requirements.

Whether a specific asset, piece of equipment or company of any size - it's not the information but what we do with it that makes the difference for our customers.

An environment for all asset information

Much more than a software license

We offer flexible expert consultation to suit businesses of all sophistication levels.

From self-service, guided, or hands-on support – right through to high value services like applied data science – we help to remove barriers and unlock value.

Sharecat epitomises the right balance of people, process and technology - great people with a vast amount of industry knowledge and experience, together with a technology platform that is proven and delivers.

Mark Lewis
Information, Data & Systems Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical