The information exchange platform for the chemical industry

Sharecat is the catalyst that enables the Digital Data Chain Consortium initiative.

Collaborate through technology

During design, construction or operation – owner-operators in asset-intensive industries have specific information requirements their EPC contractors and suppliers must meet.

But there are many owner-operators, making specific demands for the same types and sources of information – to largely the same EPC contractors and suppliers – creating an inefficient web of information.

Whether a specific asset, piece of equipment or company of any size – Sharecat’s platform takes account of individual requirements while streamlining collaboration with partners, contractors, customers and suppliers.

For specific use cases 

As a single source of truth for technical product data to be used across assets, projects, teams and companies

This is how you can use Sharecat with Master Product Information

Collaboratively create, access and maintain equipment information, both custom and generic, linked to specific equipment in specific assets.

This is how you can use Sharecat with Equipment Lifecycle Information

The challenges we’re addressing

Reuse what you have already.

On average 60% of equipment information is standard, generic, reusable, and possible to share. Our platform tells you when you have information already to save time, and lets you add to and access a common source of product information together with others.

To use, manage and modify.

Differentiate and handle information linked to different objects so you can find, track, maintain and use data across the equipment life cycle.

Remove errors & reduce risk.

A central data environment built for creating high quality information. Automated processes and verification with intelligent commenting tools for streamlined reviews. See status and track the history to fix and prevent potential errors and their source.

Ensure they are met.

What do I need? When do I need it? And who needs it? Define, generate and link requirements to project phase, contracts and purchase orders, equipment type, tag numbers, suppliers and more.

Be more competitive.

Focus on the real work, let technology handle the heavy lifting. Intelligent automation to reduce work, enforce processes, check quality and remove human error.

Master Product information

  • Find and use standard equipment information to improve design work
  • Shortlist candidate equipment types that meet requirements
  • Reuse high quality generic information from previous project

Equipment lifecycle information

  • Establish and build initial list of required major equipment items
  • Establish and link to tag numbers

Master Product information

  • Minimise supplier information volumes & review by on average 60%
  • Streamline bulk item procurement
  • System automatically notifies where there is already available pre-approved information
  • Automatically fill equipment registers with data & check quality
  • Add new information for future reuse on the project and other projects

Equipment lifecycle information

  • Define and detail total list of all equipment
  • Link information to each item, ready for use

Master Product information

Equipment lifecycle information

  • Complete equipment item information ready for lifecycle management and use in operations.

Master Product information

  • Streamline bulk item procurement
  • Efficiently add new items to ERP material masters
  • Cleanse and correct existing material master data
  • Find missing information
  • Be notified of updates to standard documentation and information e.g. O&M manuals, software drivers and similar.
  • Be notified of events e.g. product recalls

Equipment lifecycle information

  • A single central store for tracking, using and maintaining all information linked to specific equipment items
  • Quickly establish new items procured during operations
  • Update information linked to maintenance and upgrades directly and via other systems

Master Product information

  • Find standard information that may be missing, e.g. manuals and drawings for old equipment
  • Request suppliers to provide available legacy generic equipment information

Equipment lifecycle information

  • A single central store holding all information linked to each specific equipment items.
  • Full history of information across the life of the equipment e.g. maintenance records, changes and modifications.
  • Control status of equipment as it is decommissioned e.g. track “active” to “decommissioned”
  • Control, report & analyse - status, progress & quality

Utilised across your whole organisation

A scalable system that gives control and defines a common approach at a corporate level.

With the flexibility for each asset/delivery to be unique, and the benefit of smart reuse and sharing of high quality information across your entire company.

A new approach to licensing 

We want you to get the most out of our system, so we make sure the license doesn't hold you back.

Flexible & scalable
No storage limits
No user limits
Maximise collaboration

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